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Peter Mlakar, M.A. (Business organization and management), the director of the company 5RM consulting and an independent consultant has been advising companies on the topics of internal organization since 1999. As evidenced by the list of advisory programs and services, his work includes introducing valuable models, methods and approaches to the management of his clients’ businesses. With 20 years of practical experience in the area of HRM, business management, creation of systematic job structuring and payment systems, business planning and business excellence, he coordinates traditional and modern managerial approaches in improving the quality of management of medium and large companies. Apart from the consultancy activity he also performs practical and functional training of experts and leaders, consultations with executive directors of companies.


We attempt to be a useful partner of companies at managing change, attaining vitality of businesses and proactively influencing their ability to operate successfully by providing managerial advice, training leaders and experts and by implementing projects.


To offer corporations modern and useful approaches, valuable experience and examples of good practices for the improvement of business and work processes, for the quality of management on the whole, for organizational restructuring, work and job restructuring and empowerment of employees, creating payment systems, implementing management by objectives, introducing annual employee performance appraisals and upon request advising on recommendations for improvements.


Development and implementation of practical organizational methods, models and approaches that assure profit the corporations and their business subjects, development of managerial and computer tools to support clients at implementing organizational change for gradual attainment of business excellence and development of applicative expert knowledge and skills in the area of HRM.


Consultancy and educational services are byproducts of the projects which we adapt to the objectives and needs of our clients and the expected results of the projects. We detail the activities, partial objectives and the end objective of the project in the Plan of cooperation. Consultancy and educational services can also be performed separately.


The business partners of 5RM consulting are large and medium size companies which make an order for the whole of our consultancy or educational services, periodic consultations, or decide on  collective  implementation of separate services. Peter Mlakar, M.A. and his colleagues cooperate in the implementation of projects.

The duration of the project depends on the extent of the activities planned.

Expert activities of the consultant:


Peter Mlakar, M.A. (Business organization and management)
5RM business consulting
Bezjakova 29, PEKRE


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