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Annual (or semi annual) employee appraisals represent a suitable aid at tracking rapid change in a dynamic business environment. The need for adapting to rapid change is explicit. The balancing of key objectives of a company and individuals plays a decisive role in success. Annual appraisals, when viewed as a manager's tool, are suitable for the strengthening of the partnership between work and capital and they also lead to a faster professional development of the most successful experts and performers.

The advising is directed to the following areas:

  • analysing the system of defining objectives in the organization,
  • linking key objectives with employees,
  • modeling the concept of the method for implementation of (semi)annual employee appraisals,
  • modeling the concept of instructions for the preparation for the (semi)annual appraisal,
  • creating a form for the execution of a (semi)annual appraisal,
  • creating an organizational regulatory act on performing (semi)annual appraisals,
  • providing in-house training of leaders and employees for performing of (semi)annual appraisals.