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Defining key objectives makes a surveyable structure of all objectives possible – on a strategic, tactical and operative organizational level. The defined key objectives are a lever for effective and successful business – from the standpoint of employee leadership, monitoring and rewarding the effects of work, well-balanced and connected course of work, rational use of sources as well as from the standpoint of self-regulation and self-control at work, creative work of employees, etc.

The advising is directed to the following areas:

  • analysing the strategic environment and defining objectives of the organization,
  • defining a model for determining objectives (strategic developmental objectives, annual business objectives, quarterly and/or monthly operative objectives, project objectives, objectives of permanent expert teams, other objectives),
  • designing a model of operative objectives,
  • adjusting computer support for supervising and monitoring the performance of objectives,
  • initiatiating a model of key objectives in the daily practice of an economic organization.


Connecting key objectives with the employees affects work effectiveness and business effectiveness in an important way. It can be achieved with a computer based method for optimising the division of work  that forms a surveyable structure of objectives for a single performer. The connecting of objectives and employees of this kind is a valuable aid at managing people at work, planning objectives and examining the achieved objectives of employees.

The advising is directed to the following areas:

  • analysing the existing conditions – planning the objectives of employees,
  • defining the tasks of individuals at planning objectives,
  • mastering the PDCA circle on the level of single performers,
  • harmonizing key personal, divisional (process) and key business objectives,
  • defining a system of key objectives for the execution of annual or semi annual employee appraisals,
  • defining the procedures and the method for dynamic supplementing of objectives.